Privacy Policy

Approved  19.10.2016

  • AS Tallinna Vesi (ASTV) is committed to offering a high-quality service, which is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The number of ASTV’s customers increases consistently. In order to provide better service to our customers and correctly carry out our contractual relationships, we collect and store customer data pursuant to the principles set out here below.
  • ASTV maintains personal data in its databases.
  • ASTV processes the following personal data: first and last name, personal identification code, phone number, postal address, e-mail address, information regarding the consumption of ASTV’s services and the address of the consumption site.
  • ASTV shall keep the personal data entrusted to it from any unauthorised use. In processing personal data, ASTV observes the law. Data is collected in an extent that is necessary for performing the contracts concluded and for providing a better service to the customers.
  • ASTV keeps the personal data revealed to it strictly confidential and protects the personal data from illegitimate access from third parties applying efficient IT security measures.
  • ASTV shall not disclose any personal data to third parties, except in case the obligation to disclose the data arises from the law or the person, to whom the data pertains, has given a permission to disclose the data.
  • Customers shall be entitled to receive data about themselves from ASTV. If possible, the personal data shall be disclosed in the manner requested by the customer. For disclosing the data on paper, ASTV may charge up to 0.19 euros for each page starting from the 21st page.
  • Customers shall be entitled to request correcting their personal data if the data has changed or is incorrect for any other reason. ASTV recommends the customers to exercise the right to correct their data.
  • ASTV may forward the personal data to authorised ASTV processors, who shall be communicated to the public. If ASTV has appointed any authorised processors ASTV shall remain responsible for the activities thereof and the authorised processors shall fully comply with ASTV’s principles of processing  personal data. The chief processor is AS Tallinna Vesi (address Ädala 10, Tallinn, phone 6262200, e-mail address The authorised processor is IP Kõnekeskuste OÜ (address Mustamäe tee 16, Tallinn, phone 6999099, e-mail address info@ )
  • ASTV may send promotional offers regarding its own services or these of its subsidiaries or customer satisfaction surveys for improving the quality of service or offers by cooperation partners to its customers. Customers have the right at any time to refuse the abovementioned offers or surveys by informing ASTV thereof to the contacts set forth in this Privacy Policy.
  • ASTV shall be entitled to process customer data without customer’s permission for performing the contract concluded with the customer or for ensuring the performance of the contract, except processing sensitive personal data (Personal Data Protection Act § 14 Subsection 1 Clause 4). ASTV does not collect sensitive personal data about the customer.
  • Customers shall be entitled to withdraw their consent given to ASTV for processing their personal data at any time and to demand deleting their data from ASTV’s customer database by informing thereof by phone 6262200 or by e-mail Deleting the data will not be possible during the validity of the contract concluded between the customer and ASTV, because the data is necessary for performing the contract and upon the obligation of ASTV to preserve certain data deriving from law (f.i under § 12 of the Accounting Act).
  • ASTV’s employees are aware of the principles of personal data protection and the duty to maintain the confidentiality thereof and assume responsibility for violating the abovementioned duties.
  • Phone calls with the Customer Service Centre of ASTV are recorded with the purpose of improving the services. Should this be inappropriate, ASTV suggests communicating on the e-mail .

Using ASTV’s website – cookies

  • ASTV uses cookies at its website. Cookies are small files that are downloaded to user’s device by the website that the user is visiting. The aim of using cookies is to differentiate the user from other persons visiting the website and to improve user experience.
  • Information about the user’s IP, browser type and version, time and duration of visiting ASTV’s website, preferences and interests of the user, etc. will be stored using cookies.
  • Cookies may be used for identifying the name of a given user.
  • ASTV only uses the first-party cookies, which are divided specifically into technical, analytical and authentication cookies.
    i) ASTV, who is the processor responsible for personal data, installs first-party cookies and manages the website visited.
    ii) Technical cookies enable the user to navigate the website and use the functions of the website.
    iii) Analytical cookies collect data regarding how the website is used. These cookies do not collect information that would enable direct identify the user of the website.
    iv) Authentication cookies enable the website to remember the selections made by the user (e.g. name, language or area).
    If the users do not want that the browser save cookies into their computers, this can be disabled – instructions for changing the browser settings are available under “Help” button at the toolbar for most of the browsers. Even though ASTV’s website can be visited also by disabling cookies, it may happen that certain services or certain parts of the site may not work as expected. Disabling cookies restricts the use of ASTV’s website.